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Trawl Doors

Open to better catch.

Mobydick trawl door is applied technology of Para-foil which guarantees extreme high fuel efficiency, powerful catchability. This technology is the most advanced system in the trawl door field and boost up the overall performance. All new architecture give mobydick trawl doors a nearly ideal performance and allow easy control for fishermen. 

Customers are impressed by the exceptional trawling characteristics and outstanding performance. Its design also features variable foil system such as slat, slot to optimise performance and ideal dihedral angle for better stability.

 Research and Development 

To ensure highest dynamic and efficiency, our trawl doors have gone through monitored R&D process in a closed water system before putting them into production. We create miniature model of the doors with similar material, connect them with different design of fishing net and control water flow to simulate doors' performance just like it's under seawater. We also apply CAD software to analyse weight distribution of the doors, force on the ropes and fluid dynamics.

 Choose the right doors 

Bigger doors not necessarily equal to better catch because it may increase fuel consumption and reduce agility. Therefore, we would recommend which door is suitable for your vessel based on your fishing net design, vessel size, vessel horsepower and etc. Then, wide varieties of trawl doors are offered to serve your pelagic or seabed trawl application. Every production trawl doors can specially modified to your needs and supply in different measurement and weight.


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