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About Us.

Hong Thai Hardware Sdn Bhd (est. 1990) is a family run hardware dealer specialised in marine, offshore, industrial and fishing hardware related products. We started humbly to one of the renowned hardware dealers in the country supplying wide varieties of products and still growing. 


marine industry
Our Vision.

In Hong Thai Hardware Sdn Bhd, our visionary team always aim high to be one of the top suppliers in the country and beyond the border. We have mission to exceed customers' expectation by continuously deliver superior products and services.

We constantly exchange product knowledge with our business partners and value their feedbacks, because we believe cultivating such practice is the best way to mutually benefit both sides. 

We take great passion and responsibility in delivering our best possible services to ensure our customers have an easy and hassle free shopping experience. We keep increasing our stock varieties in order to complete customers' shopping lists without wandering multiple places.

擴大公司規模并把公司發展為国内知名五金供應商,一直都是我們的最總目標。 我們持續地提供品質優良的產品和服務,以突破顧客們的期待,最終,實現我們的目標。



Hutan Melintang
Company Profile.


Hong Thai pronounces from auspicious Chinese word “宏泰” meaning ginormous scale of harmony. We are passionate in building our business reputation and contribute to our community. 

Our company strategically located at Hutan Melintang, Perak, the largest fishing base in Malaysia​ with wide stretch of oil palm plantation. It is home to various industries such as oil refinery, food manufacturing, fisheries, foundries, shipyard, etc creating huge numbers of job opportunities and convenient transportation. 

We are guided by these core values to keep work organised.

1. Sincerity - Stay humble and treat others in the way you want to be treated.

2. Accuracy - Stay focused and strive.

3. Quality - Stay sharp and let the results speak.

“宏泰” 寓意着極大的和平。我們的團隊非常熱衷于奉献与建立商誉。宏泰坐落于全馬最大的漁港——半港,地理位置極為優越。這裡除了有着大面積的油棕園,也是許多工業發展的聚集地。如: 煉油厂、食品加工厂、漁行、陶造厂、造船厂等,为当地居民帶來了大量的就業机会。 ​


1. 真誠:謙虛并以自己想被對待的方式對待別人。

2.  準確:努力奮鬥且時刻集中注意力。

3. 品質:我們相信,成果是不言自明的。

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